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DJ Set: Structuring nightclub atmosphere

HOW TO STRUCTURE NIGHTCLUB ATMOSPHERE by: Booth Rider 11/02/2016 It is not to undermine anyone’s own way of structuring their musical sets because a one-way approach shouldn’t be imposed on to everyone as a “one size fits all” concept. A dj set is a performance and should be structured as such. There is claim that djs don’t take the audience on […]

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US Club DJ Culture Still Sucks in ’16

In 2012, Eurotrash or Eurotreasure posted a blog that ruffled some feathers and started a great debate.  Why Club and DJ Culture Sucks in ’12: The Lost Promise of the Late 80s and Early 90s.  In this blog post, King Pigeon pointed out a few reasons on why the club and dj culture sucked to him […]

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