US Club DJ Culture Still Sucks in ’16

In 2012, Eurotrash or Eurotreasure posted a blog that ruffled some feathers and started a great debate.  Why Club and DJ Culture Sucks in ’12: The Lost Promise of the Late 80s and Early 90s.  In this blog post, King Pigeon pointed out a few reasons on why the club and dj culture sucked to him in 2012. Funny enough, what prompted me to even write this article is right before reading the above article, I had just started thinking of how today’s dj is so caught up in technology and less about the music. Litteraly days after Christmas, 10 of the 15 front page topic in the beginner sections on one of the more popular dj forums is all equipment and set up related questions.

Djs now are spending more time configuring and mapping their software products then they do actually practicing.  Now, I by all means am not saying that it is entirely the “new generation’s” fault. I am simply pointing out the impact all of this technology is having on the current dj culture.  Ealier this year, I made a Youtube video blog called “Too Many Geeks and Not Enough Djs“.  Even for me it was an issue when a midi-controller that I borrowed from a friend totally wiped out my Traktor Scratch Pro mappings.  It took me a few hours searching online on how to get back the settings.

But rather than undermining the original Eurotrash or Eurotreasure post and beating a dead hourse, I will simply go over a few points that they made and further illustrate how they are ongoing issues. 


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